Rumidifier: Home Humdifier


Award winning zero-energy humidifier with major retail distribution contracts.

The Challenge

Transform vision of a zero-energy humidifier that uses existing household air vents without restricting flow.

The Solution

Quick turnaround on a device that blends functionality and design to humidify a room with no moving parts.


Video: The Design Story Behind Rumidifier


Tough Design Challenges

Design humidifier product to easily fit on all standard forced air vents with intuitive design.


One Stop Shop

Move from concept through to design, engineering and high volume production runs.


Rapid Turnaround

Go from concept ideation to fully functional prototype and production setup in under six months.


Cost Advantage

Optimize injection molding tool design to produce multiple parts at high volume.


Early design concept renderings to explore form and function

Benchmodel prototypes of Rumidifier to test airflow, wicking and moisture evaporation


Pre-production Rumidifier user testing


Video: Robotic manufacturing assembly of Rumidifier

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