Simple to install, innovative zero energy room humidifier

Small footprint design, easy to maintain solution with higher airflow capacity than the original vent

At a Glance

  • One stop shop: expertise from concept to fully working production ready prototype, global connections to product manufacturers, product introduction and patent support
  • Design challenge: understanding air losses on standard register vent cover to provide water evaporation while increasing airflow and delivering an appealing, customized consumer product with a minimum footprint
  • Rapid turnaround: from ideation to prototype manufacturing stage and production set up in six months
  • Product design: 2012 Bootstrap Award for Green Technology from the Ottawa Entrepreneur Network Exploriem for innovative new product

“I needed to transform the Rumidifier napkin sketch design into a working prototype and then a real product. As a first time inventor, the importance of having a knowledgeable business focussed product development partner like Design 1st, is very clear to me now.”

- Jeri Rodrigs, Founder Rumidifier Home Comforts Inc.





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