Product Innovation in Hand Hygiene

After nearly two years in product development with Design 1st in Ottawa, HandSandal Instruments Ltd, a Vancouver based start-up is pleased to announce their flagship product. The HandSandal is an innovative portable hand hygiene device that you bring with you wherever you go in public spaces.  The ergonomically developed hand grip provides an antimicrobial barrier to contaminated surfaces in transportation, offices, hospitals, washrooms and is used on door handles, light switches, elevators and surfaces that must be touched to operate.
Hygienic Product Innovation Handsandal

 The Handsandal’s design was perfected over several product concept iterations, prototypes and went through extensive field testing. The end result was a simple solution designed to effortlessly grip a variety of doorknobs, turn handles, buttons, levers, rotating surfaces and push doors. The Handsandals convenient design also attaches to most ID badges, swipe cards and key chains making it easy for workers in public environments to reduce the transfer of bacteria and germs. The video below highlights the HandSandal design, features and functionality:

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