Design 1st Featured in CBC News Investigation on Product Idea Dispute

CBC Go Public 's Investigative Team Asked Design 1st For Expert Opinion   Design 1st President Kevin Bailey gave expert analysis on CBC Go Public's investigation of an inventor’s complaint that Tim Horton’s took their idea. CBC Go Public's Investigative Report Featuring Design 1st President Kevin Bailey (2:18min) Ahead of the interview with CBC Dragons' Den host Diane Buckner, Kevin ran an in-house experiment looking at how likely it would be for separate individuals to come up with similar product designs. The experiment gave three Design 1st product designers the challenge of […]
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Canadian Innovation: A Look at Famous Inventions

The history of Canadian invention has spanned more than a century with over one million patents filed - yet few people can name more than one or two Canadian inventors. The most common name that comes to mind is Alexander Graham Bell – the inventor of the telephone in 1867. Over 125 years later Mike Lazaridis & Doug Fregin sought to greatly improve the telephone through adding wireless email functionality – this was the start of Canada’s treasured RIM (Research in Motion) corporation. In between these two great feats of […]
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Patent 101 – A How-to Guide

If you have recently wet your toes in the world of product development or are a seasoned professional – updating your knowledge on patents is always advantageous. This article seeks to explore patents through three separate focuses; mainly, what is a patent, why they are important and how to extract value from one.   What is a Patent? On a high-level, a patent is a subset of legal protection for intellectual property. Grouped with patents are Trademarks and Copyrights; however, for hardware and physical products, patents are most relevant Although […]
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