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Startups and independent entrepreneurs rely us to provide a predictable path through product development.

How we help startups get to market

We help startups and entrepreneurs get their products to market

Reducing risk, development costs and overall timeframes along the way

Moving From Concept to Store Shelves
Case Study:Rumidifier - Zero Energy Humidifier
“They transformed my idea into an industry leading product"

Design your vision into a working prototype
Case Study:NOW - Mindfulness Bracelet
“Working remotely, I just felt really comfortable dealing with the Design 1st team "

Get manufacturing and distribution setup
Case Study:Solorolo - Portable Therapeutic Massage
“Design 1st can take you from nothing to the very end, signed, sealed and delivered "

Lean Product Development Process

Using our proven step-by-step process, we work with you to refine concepts and create the product design, then prototype, test, and provide the documentation you need to engage suppliers and go to market.

We can also help you put in place all of building blocks for successful new product commercialization:

  1. Develop your product roadmap and innovation strategy
  2. Research your competition
  3. Assess patent opportunities and risks
  4. Create prototypes, 3D photo-realistic renders, and product presentations
  5. Design compelling product logos and packaging
  6. Source components suppliers and contract manufacturers

Prefer to license your idea to others?

For inventors and companies who want to license their product design to established manufacturing and marketing companies, we have the technical, business, and legal expertise to advise and support you throughout the process.

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