Three Tech Trends at CES 2018

Design 1st VP of Electronics Peter Coutrau and VP of Operations Ian Kayser outside CES 2018 in Las Vegas

Design 1st VP of Electronics Peter Cottreau and VP of Operations Ian Kayser outside CES 2018 in Las Vegas

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is the global stage where new hardware products are introduced and technology trends are defined. This year was no different — we came away from CES with a clear picture of where the future direction of technology is headed, and how consumers, hardware products and development teams will be impacted.

In this blog post, Ian Kayser, VP of Operations at Design 1st, discusses three of technology trends he encountered at CES — and how the relationship with end consumers is about to change.

At CES 2018 I talked with start-ups, suppliers, clients and some potential clients.

It was interesting to see start-ups from so many locations including Brazil, China, Taiwan, Japan, Germany, The Netherlands, England, The United States, Mongolia, France, and Israel.  

These start-ups showcased products across the full spectrum of industries and technologies. There were talking, flying, rolling and walking robots. Smart walls, floors, doors and home appliances.

But above all 3 major technology trends stood out: Sensors, Voice Interfaces and the Cloud.


Garbage Can Sensor Display at CES 2018


Sensors recording and transmitting data are being placed in everything (appliances, cars, toys, furniture, almost every type of product imaginable) and the data is being utilized in many, many ways.  A sensor simply reports the information that it gathers.  It can report this information to the end-user of the product, developers, and other third parties that may have interest in the data. 

We will experience confidentiality/privacy issues, and lots of courts cases until we get this all ironed out. On the plus side this information will enable enhanced performance of the product, greater ease for the end-user, and increased productivity for the overall economy.

Voice Interaction Display

Voice Interfaces

The second technology that is finally becoming reality is voice interfaces.  Design 1st has already worked on products with natural language interfaces and is working with leading edge start-up Fluent Technologies, as well as working with Amazon Echo integrations with two other clients.

The ability to talk with a product (a car, a fridge, or the heating/cooling system in your house) is not around the corner, it is here now and will become a part of our everyday lives over the next 2 years.

Home Cloud System, CES 2018

The Cloud

The third technology, which is more difficult to display than sensors and voice interfaces, is the cloud.  A few years ago, we likely would have listed the cloud as the major news at a CES event.  Today it is normal, ingrained and part of everything.  Simple and complex products of all sorts are pumping information up to the cloud at amazing rates. 

This information (big data) will enable a whole new level of innovation as we learn and find useful ways to provide intelligent and helpful services to people. 

Design 1st has been working with sensors, voice interfaces and connected products enabling Cloud data for some time now.  We will continue to help our clients navigate the innovation waters, and will continue to look outward and stay ahead with new ways to produce, better, faster, cheaper, more user friendly, and more profitable products with our clients.

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