Top Client News Stories of 2019

Explore the top 10 Design 1st client stories from 2019:

1) Molecule: Nanomaterial creates water from thin air

Molecule is working to commercialize a unique nanomaterial that HVAC systems can use to pull water from thin air. The collaborative global project led by think tank Molecule, is developing the sponge-like nanomaterial at Ireland’s University of Limerick and working with Design 1st to prototype early-stage commercial applications.

In 2019, Molecule began working with Design 1st to build and test a prototype with one kilogram of the nanomaterial. "The team was able to produce one liter of water per hour in cold, dry conditions. It’s effective enough that a dehumidifier could produce all of the water that a house uses in a day." (Fast Company, article)

Location: Limerick, Ireland
Industry: Clean Technology

Video: Design 1st team speaks with Molecule

2) Waterotor: Harvesting electricity from slow-moving water

Waterotor Energy Technologies Inc. is bringing the power of hydrokinetics to global markets. Since 2011, Waterotor has invested over $10 million in research and development to capture the energy from slow-moving water.

In 2019, Waterotor began testing a new prototype in the cold 30-foot deep Winnipeg River at the Canadian Hydrokinetic Turbine Test Centre (CHTTC).

Location: Ottawa, Canada
Industry: Clean Technology

Video: Waterotor CEO Fred Ferguson speaks with Kathy Ireland

3) Tritonwear: Named Swimming Canada's official training technology

Tritonwear is developing an AI-driven swim training device consisting of a wearable monitor that collects swimmer data. The system uses the data to help coaches pinpoint opportunities and visualize the unique performance of individual swimmers.

In 2019, Swimming Canada - the national governing body of the sport - selected Tritonwear  as the official training technology.

Location: Toronto, Canada
Industry: Wearable Technology

Video: How Tritonwear improves swimming performance

4) Momentum IoT: Award-winning GPS telematics system

Momentum IoT is shaking up the GPS fleet tracking industry with an easy-to-install telematics device and no-strings business model users love. Design 1st helped Momentum develop the ultra-rugged hardware that works right out-of-box and works in temperatures between -22° to 170° Fahrenheit.

In 2019, Momentum IoT won 3 awards for their telematics system including the coveted 2019 IoT innovator Silver Medal.

Location: California, USA
Industry: IoT Telematics

Video: How Momentum IoT Works

5) Cloud9 Technologies: Disrupting how Wall Street communicates

Cloud9 Technologies is transforming how traders in financial markets communicate. In just under three years they have risen from early-stage startup to Wall Street disruptor.  Along the way Design 1st has been providing hardware design and electronics support.

In 2019, Cloud9 won several industry awards and now handles millions of voice trader communications each day across a network of over 5000 institutional traders.

Location: New York City, USA
Industry: Fintech

Video: Cloud9 voice trading platform in action.

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