Why Inventors Are the Center of New Innovation

Design 1st offers help to many innovators to commercialize their product ideas providing them everything they need from patent submissions to design, marketing and manufacturing specifications.  This approach allows them to control the business direction from licensing to full production and sales.

With the increasing number of Canadian innovators and inventors, corporations are taking notice. A research paper led by MIT professor and author Eric von Hippel emphasizes this point stating:

“Companies will have to help their own product developers look at consumer-developed innovations with new eyes – not just as poorly engineered amateurish efforts,”

Approaching companies for licensing or distribution deals with a professional engineered and design product goes a long way. When inventors take the early R&D risk away from corporations, the corporations can make bets on more professionally thought through product ideas and the reward potential for both parties grows substantially.  Inventors are becoming the incubators of good ideas and with professional support teams around them that speak the corporate language, they facilitate the product design process and everyone wins.

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