We Work Remotely with You…


We can work with you interactively from our desks for free, on many activities. Its saves us both time, speeds up the schedule and will reduce the project budget.

To save time and travel, our clients prefer the simplicity of our simple online whiteboard interactive meeting and sketch tools. We set up projects, review ideas, make design changes and approve the latest updates during online daily one-on-one and weekly team review meetings. This eliminates non-productive time for all parties and reduces project costs.

Our remote tools allow decision makers, designers and suppliers from around the globe to engage with an expert design team to review more options and make better decisions, faster. The end result is a well-designed, engaging product ready-for-market, in months not years.

We lead the industry in terms of shortest time to create, patent and develop ideas from napkin sketch to product.

Call Us and See how easy it is to work securely via the web 1-877-235-1004…

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