Medical Device Design for Dentists, Doctors and Startups.

We help you design, engineer, prototype, and manufacture medical devices with our proven process and senior team.


Why Choose Design 1st?

What our clients are saying.


Video: Dr. Turner shares his product development experience

"Design 1st gave us ideas we never thought possible"
- Matt LeMay, VP Service Delivery, Nuraleve

"We ended up with the best dental product in the industry"
- Dr. Turner, Founder ProDrive

"Design 1st supported us from concept through to clinical trials and manufacturing."
- Kevin Smith, VP Engineering, Stanley Healthcare

A proven, predictable process.

We identify and solve product development risks early, allowing you to get to market faster.

Concept Development
1: Identify high value attributes to guide design
Detailed Engineering
2: Select and perfect the winner
Prototype & Test
3: Build the pre-production prototype
Manufacturing Support
1: Oversee transfer to reliable manufacturer


Two minutes on what we do.

Leverage our experience in your medical device category:

  • Surgical instruments
  • Drug delivery devices
  • Assistive devices
  • Diagnostic imaging
  • BioTech lab equipment
  • Wearable health devices
  • Vital sign monitoring
  • Medical procedure simulation
  • Endoscope 3D imaging


Where Does Your Idea Fit?

We help develop Class 1 and Class 2 Medical Devices.
See examples of market-ready medical devices we have developed below.

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We help business teams develop physical product ideas into working products.
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  • Is this an existing product re-design or cost reduction?
  • Does the new product have wireless radio, connect to the internet? to smartphone? other?
  • Does product require more documentation for regulatory certifications, medical certifications?
  • Is your company new to hardgoods development?
  • Product challenges, risks, need for early research on difficult to figure out features?
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