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The product development process is a challenging one. There are hundreds of decisions to turn inspiration into a manufacturable product. To get it right the first time you need the right combination of expertise and experience. Explore the Design 1st blog to learn what you need to know to develop successful products right the first time.

Product Design Predictions for 2022

Climate change, AI and supply chain disruption among trends to heavily influence product design in the years ahead. Feature Article: Design & Engineering Magazine, Winter 2022 - By Kevin Bailey If there’s one thing we’ve learned from 2020 and 2021 it is that 2 years of unpredictability has changed how we live, work and purchase goods and services. Changes in climate, fears of inflation, global supply chain effects on availability, and a shift in the types and purchasing methods of goods and services consumers want were all contributing factors. The […]
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Looking Back at 2021: Project Highlights

The Design 1st team and our clients met the challenges of 2021 head-on. Over the course of 365 days, we worked on 77 unique projects, oversaw six products move to volume manufacturing, and received award recognition for several innovative projects. See all our highlights below: Projects Launched From Idea to Volume Manufacturing Exciting New Client Projects Awards and Recognition Projects by Industry Breakdown Design 1st Business Highlights
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The 6 Types of Prototyping Every New Product Must Do

Building a hardware product prototype is a critical element in any product design lifecycle.  Prototypes provide early market feedback as to whether a product has the potential to lead a market segment, gives you early insight into necessary design changes, and helps teams minimize risk at every stage of the product development lifecycle.  Done right, prototyping helps remove design risks and leads to successful product outcomes.  Here are the 6 types of prototypes every successful physical product design goes through: Concept Sketch Prototype Bench Model Prototype Fully Functional Rapid Prototype […]
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