Top 27 Durable Medical Equipment Innovations


Companies Are Investing in Durable Medical Equipment Development

As the population ages, the demand for durable medical equipment is rising. Companies across North America are investing into the development of new equipment to meet patients' needs.

This equipment includes a range of mechanical and connected devices that utilize new technologies. Check-out the top 27 on the market below:

Connected Medical Equipment

The biggest wave of innovation is happening with connected medical devices that allow patients and healthcare professional monitor progress.

1) Glutrac

Glutrac is a smart wearable for non – invasive glucose monitoring. It measures signals from human bodieswith optical sensors of different wave bands and collects data using four monitoring methods and then build big data powered models for individual users to calculate users blood glucose levels relying on A I and deep learning.



2) iStent Inject

Glaukos’s iStent Inject is designed to reduce intraocular pressure safely and effectively in patients who have been diagnosed with primary open-angle glaucoma, pseudo-exfoliative glaucoma or pigmentary glaucoma.

3) HeartLogic: Heart Failure Diagnostic

The injection is implanted through a single-entry point during cataract surgery or during a standalone procedure. It creates a bypass through the primary blockage site to improve physiological outflow, according to the company.



4) Magtrace and Sentimag: magnetic localization system

Endomagnetics’s Magtrace and Sentimag magnetic localization system is a magnetic device system that is used to guide lymph node biopsies in patients who are having a mastectomy for breast cancer.

5) Medtronic DBS therapy for epilepsy

Bilateral anterior thalamic nucleus stimulation using the Medtronic DBS System for Epilepsy is indicated as adjunctive therapy for reducing the frequency of seizures in individuals 18 years of age or older diagnosed with epilepsy characterized by partial-onset seizures, with or without secondary generalization, that are refractory to three or more antiepileptic medications.


6) ProAir Digihaler

The ProAir Digihaler device from Teva Pharmaceutical Industries is a digital inhaler that uses sensors to connect to a companion smartphone app for people who have asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, according to the company.

7) Sentinel Cerebral Protection System

Boston Scientific’s Sentinel cerebral protection system is an embolic protection device that captures and removes thrombus/debris during trans catheter aortic valve replacement procedures.

Sentinel cerebral protection system
Starkey Livio AI

8) Starkey Livio AI

Starkey’s Livio AI is a hearing aid that can track body and brain health. Using integrated sensors and artificial intelligence, Livio AI can detect when users have fallen and can act as an assistant. Livio AI is rechargeable and offers 24 hours of hearing on one charge. When paired with the Thrive smartphone app, users can stream cellphones, TV, music and other media directly to their hearing aid.

9) Abbott: Glucose Monitoring System

Abbott’s FreeStyle Libre system is a glucose-measuring system that eliminates the need for finger sticks or finger-stick calibrations. It measures glucose levels through a small sensor that is applied to the back of a user’s upper arm. The sensor is the size of two stacked quarters and gives real-time readings for up to 10 days, according to the company. The sensor is also able to read glucose levels through clothes.

Butterfly New Ultrasound Technology

10) Butterfly: New Ultrasound Technology

Butterfly iQ, Rothberg's company, has found an innovative way to shrink down the technology so it can be used with a mobile phone–making it a lot easier to bring these resources to remote patients.

11) Omron: Wearable Blood Pressure Monitor

HeartGuide is a wearable blood pressure monitor in the innovative form of a wristwatch. In tandem with its companion app HeartAdvisor, HeartGuide delivers powerful new technology making tracking and managing your blood pressure easier than ever before.


12) SoeMac

SoeMac is a wellness product which can help you to breathe and sleep better. It works by drawing air inside, and produces a bio-usable form of energised oxygen, known as Singlet Oxygen Energy, or SOE.


Genie Connect can have a conversation and set up video chats with healthcare professionals and family members. Service Robotics Limited designed it to help stimulate and engage the user’s mind. It also reminds the user when to take medication and attend appointments.

Inogen At Home Oxygen Concentrator

14) Inogen: At Home Oxygen Concentrator

The Inogen One G3 delivers the independence of a portable oxygen concentrator in one of the smallest, lightest and quietest packages available to the oxygen user today.

15) LATITUDE NXT: Remote Patient Management System

As implanted device patients are living longer and the amount of available patient and device data keeps growing larger, remote monitoring has become the standard of care. The LATITUDE NXT Remote Patient Management System lets you monitor your patients’ device data between scheduled appointments for improved efficiency and better patient care.

Maptic Tactile Navigation

16) Maptic Tactile Navigation

Maptic is a system of wearable sensory devices for the visually impaired, consisting of a visual sensor and vibrating feedback units. These customisable, personalisable modules can be worn without attracting the stigma that current assistive products harbour, while still accurately detecting objects in the visual field and transmitting them into intuitive vibrations on the body.

Mechanical Medical Equipment Innovations

Mechanical medical equipment includes standalone devices like wheelchairs, walkers and blood pressure monitors.

18) Inspiris Resilia aortic valve

Edwards Lifesciences Inspiris Resilia aortic valve is designed for patients who have aortic heart valve disease and have been recommended to have valve replacement surgery. The valve is made from bovine heart tissue that has been preserved by Edwards technology. The technology blocks calcium from depositing on the tissue and prevents further exposure to glutaraldehyde, according to the company.


19) Swivel Sliding Transfer Benches

No need to fear slipping and falling! No more need to scoot! Regain your sense of independence, dignity and comfort with the Tub-Mount Swivel Sliding Transfer Bench by Eagle Health Supplies. This bench allows you to swivel and slide smoothly in and out of the tub/shower. Heavy duty, and features space-saving design. Our seats are larger than most for added comfort and safety. This bench is also ideal for helping caregivers.

20) ABLE

ABLE is the first lightweight, easy-to-use and affordable exoskeleton for people with lower-limb paralysis, that restores the ability to walk naturally and intuitively.


21) BioPrax™

BioPrax™ is a minimally invasive device designed to help eliminate biofilm infections on prosthetic knee implants during early intervention procedures and was recently granted Breakthrough Device designation by the FDA.

22) Novak Stretcher X Electric

"Trails (Patent Pending) were designed in a constant search for better and more innovative solutions. Our main concern is to ensure that our customers enjoy full support and safety at their work, to speed up the procedures and save lives. … because when saving lives, seconds count!"

23) Stair-PRO

With its Stair-TREAD system, this chair enables caregivers to transport a patient down stairs without lifting.

24) Invacare: Lifters, hoists and slings

"Trails (Patent Pending) were designed in a constant search for better and more innovative solutions. Our main concern is to ensure that our customers enjoy full support and safety at their work, to speed up the procedures and save lives. … because when saving lives, seconds count!"

InvacareLifters, hoists and slings

25) Invacare: Scooters

Mobility scooters from Invacare are a stylish range with exceptional manoeuvrability, reliability and safety. Our scooters offer a wide range of mobility with many safety features as standard. Designed for everyday use this stylish range features micro, mini, medium, large and bariatric models.

26) Crutches

The patent pending M+D Crutches cradle the user’s elbows and evenly distribute their weight throughout the forearms; removing pressure that other crutches place on the armpits, wrists and hands.

MD Crutches

27) Orcam MyEye

"OrCam MyEye is a revolutionary voice activated device that attaches to virtually any glasses. It can instantly read to you text from a book, smartphone screen or any other surface, recognize faces, help you shop on your own, work more efficiently, and live a more independent life! OrCam MyEye conveys visual information audibly, in real-time and offline."

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