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Its important to demonstrate the new product value, (1) do you go straight to product or (2) should you start with a demonstration model to verify the market and determine the best feature mix. These two options have very different activities, costs and timeframes.


When you are ready to jump into a full product development, one team is accountable to you. We steer the whole hardware product design and delivery process, from idea to the production decisions that impact your cost, quality and product WOW factors.


We provide strategic guidance if you are designing custom hardware for the first time. Our designers and engineers follow a lean four-stage process to arrive together at a spectacular solution to meet your business and market requirements and meet users expectations.


Our in-house supply logistics team provides you with the network and manufacturing guidance to ensure high quality, cost aligned manufacturer set-up and control. We assist clients with both low and high volume product supply and help you choose manufacturers that fit.

We work with


For business teams and inventors looking to move quickly to product.
  • MVP Prototypes
  • Design and Engineering
  • Products That Get a 'WOW'
  • Setup Manufacturing

"Prior to our engagement, the project dragged for two years."
- COO John Lupton, GeoSight

"Team makes good forward progess independent of micromanagement"
- CTO, Kurt Francis, Molecule

We work with


For companies that want to add speed, expertise, and innovation to their organization
  • Design Innovation
  • New Ideas Research
  • Supply and Logistics
  • Scale Your Team

"Redesign our older projector models into a modern look and feel"
- Director George Tsintzouras, Christie

"Our trusted design and engineering partner for over six years
- CTO Stephen Rayment, Ericsson


We help clients plan products and portfolios based on market and user data. Our industrial design and user experience teams are artists and human factors experts. We sort through your features, targets, requirements and objectives from a business, user and product perspective.


Do you need fast explorations to prove out new features, engineering feasibility and create quick demonstration prototypes to engage customers? We are experts at risk assessment associated with new feature opportunities. We can also help companies breathe new life into their existing product portfolios.


Our in-house supplier logistics support team works closely with our design team and is here to help you with prototyping, production part supply options, material and process selection, ordering, contract manufacturing relationships and cost reductions.


We fill missing skills and expand your in-house team. With experience on many hardware microprocessors and firmware platforms, our team can be up to speed in hours.

You provide the product idea.

We provide talented people, the latest tools and a lean design process; working closely with you to transform your concept into a market ready product.

Active client projects coming to market soon.

We are hired to go from a concept idea to the engineering to one prototype that works to 10,000 products that will not fail.

Choose a partner with a proven, predictable process.

Concept Development
1: Identify high value attributes to guide the design
Detailed Engineering
2: Select and perfect the winner
Prototype & Test
3: Build the pre-production prototype
Manufacturing Set-Up
4: Oversee transfer to reliable manufacturer

Two Minutes on what we do.

Our team has developed product for a wide range of business teams.

Choose a development partner with experience spanning 700+ hardware projects for global brands and innovative startups.

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"Its really hard to design products" - Steve Jobs
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