BA 100 and BA200 Wireless Broadband Mesh Network

Outdoor mounted wireless communication enclosures built to withstand long life in weather conditions

Wireless platforms deliver secure performance and reliability while maintaining robustness and consideration for installer ease

At a Glance

  • Tough design challenges solved: understanding of and placement of injection plastics and metal castings to avoid electro magnetic interference, radio frequency interference, thermal considerations, antenna design and adherence to inconspicuous outdoor look and feel created the optimal design
  • Customer satisfaction: client has extended partnership to include new range of indoor products and product line and company sold to Ericsson

“With their roots in Nortel Networks and a trusted partner for many years, Design 1st are committed to our success. They add value in the creative design process, along with excellent knowledge of materials and manufacturing/tooling options.”

- Stephen Rayment, Chief Technology Officer, BelAir Networks





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