Hershey’s Milk Chocolate - 2009 summer campaign

Contract for Hershey’s - One Million Hershey chocolate bars delivered to Canadians

Pickup truck carrying full three-dimensional chocolate bar extending from a bath of flowing chocolate travels across Canada

At a Glance

  • Tough design challenges solved: technical engineering in vehicle strength, wind loading, material exposure to the outdoors and fast low volume, low cost manufacture. From play dough and a scale pickup truck to full size fibreglass body shapes, consistent with the Hershey brand and providing cooling and vehicle safety for the journey
  • Rapid turnaround: concept sketch to design, parts, assembly, testing, approval and on the road vehicle ready in six weeks, included 4 custom back packs for the travelling team to distribute the chocolate bars to people at events
  • Cost advantage: client has extended partnership to include new range of indoor products and product line and company sold to Ericsson
  • Customer satisfaction: delivered a fun product sampling experience for customers

“How do you deliver a campaign that involves moving one million Hershey chocolate bars across Canada in the five months of summer, transforming your mobile marketing concepts into a very technical solution in only six weeks? The right answer is you engage Design 1st. We looked for many months to find a partner, with time almost out they started and found a way to transform our exact ideas into a real “wow” experience.”

- Adam Starr, Co-Founder and President, GearWerx





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