Neptec (now Maxar Technologies)


Extreme condition 3D object detection, $32M acquisition by Maxar Technologies.

The Challenge

Ensure the laser 3D scanning technology can operate reliably in world’s harshest work environments.

The Solution

Build 3D virtual model of device for FEA simulation of the design prior to in-field testing.


Video: Neptec explains experience working with Design 1st


Tough Design Challenges

Ensure device can operate reliably in the world's harshest environments.


Creative Problem Solving

Use lightweight and strong beryllium metal housing to support laser.


Electronics Integration

Integrate custom PCB’s and laser technology into robust waterproof enclosure.


Rapid Turnaround

Move from concept to functional prototype in under nine weeks.


Neptec concept design rendering

exploded view

3D CAD Virtual Simulation


Bench model prototype for testing of 3D laser scanning


First volume production unit of fully-functional product

"We needed an up and running engineering team, and we needed them right away. "
- Derek Butler, Director of Engineering, Neptec Design Group

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