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RFID pediatric protection bracelet sold to Stanley Healthcare.

The Challenge

Design a tamperproof, no skin irritation child security bracelet connected to an RFID alarm system.

The Solution

Extensive material testing combinded with pre-production prior to volume manufacturing.


Pedz: Wireless RFID pediatric patient security bracelet


Tough Design Challenges

Design bracelet for tamperproof security, quick removal and easy reattachment of device.


Rapid Turnaround

Go from concept to production in eight months to capture market opportunity.


Cost Advantage

Low-cost replaceable bands on bracelets to support consumable revenues.


Customer Satisfaction

Patients and hospital staff both pleased with the resulting RFID bracelet system.

pediatric patient protection bracelet sketches

Early concept sketches for the pediatric protection bracelet

exploded view

3D Solidworks model of PedZ protection bracelet


3D printed parts to prototype Pedz bracelet

First volume production unit of Pedz bracelet

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