Innovative light therapy FDA-listed female wellness product.

The Challenge

Develop a device that combines proven LED light therapy, heat, and vibration with an easy to use interface.

The Solution

Combine custom electronics in an elegant housing made from medical grade silicone and sealed plastics with simple and intuitive controls.


Tough Design Challenges

Incorporate complex circuitry and heat dissipation in an optimally sized housing.

Rapid turnaround

Moved rapidly to get product development project back on clients' projected timeline.

Electronics Integration

Designed custom electronics powered by a rechargeable battery providing the significant power required.

Complex Manufacturing

Worked through complexities of sealing dissimilar materials while maintaining efficient manufacturing.


Joylux envisioned a straightforward design for the vSculpt product integrating therapeutic light, heat, and vibration technology combined with clean, easy-to-use controls allowing for simple control over length and intensity of the therapy. Design 1st’s medical device expertise allowed the product to get back on track for production following a stall in product development from the first firm Joylux approached.

"Combining innovative technology with elegant design"
"The first of its kind in cell and tissue rejuvenation"


Design 1st quickly set their team of electronics engineers to the task of creating a powerful and efficient LED light therapy control circuit that used an aluminum frame as a heat capacitor, and the right combination of power output and LED’s to allow heat penetration several millimeters beneath the skin surface. The power requirements and electronic components all had to fit a small form factor so keep the size of the device down, yet still provide enough power for a 10-minute therapy cycle.



Three prototypes were created to allow for the testing during several phases of the development of vSculpt. The first prototype was used in conjunction with a gel to replicate human tissue to test and monitor heat output to obtain the desired specifications. The next evolutions of the prototypes helped Design 1st engineers determine the most efficient way to fit all the internal components while still providing a power source capable of lasting for an entire therapy session.

"Engineered to maximize output in a minimal space"
injection modeling tool for vsculpt
"Developed manufacturing process to ensure quality sealing of plastics"


The complexity of the product’s shape led to several manufacturing challenges when it came to sealing the product from water entry. In an effort to keep product manufacturing costs down, a manual procedure was implemented using liquid silicone to seal the electronic circuits within the low-cost plastics without causing any heat damage. Working with the tool manufacturers, Design 1st was able to overcome these obstacles by calculating the heat threshold of each plastic component so a perfect seal could be obtained on each vSculpt product.

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