Toddler Monitor


The next generation of toddler monitoring devices

The Challenge

Transform the Arduino driven proof of function into a child-friendly connected device ready for mass production.

The Solution

Front-end team collaboration to select the design and components followed by prototype testing.



Tough Design Challenges

Integration of electronics, battery, and Bluetooth in an appealing design that was manufacture ready.


Rapid Turnaround

Fully functional working prototype required for the launch of the Kickstarter campaign.


Wireless Connectiveity

Manage the device battery life, app build and choice of wireless protocols and components for production.


Reliability & Satisfaction.

Conduct usability testing along with engineering assessments to ensure product quality.



The toddler monitor co-founders Krista and Lisa came to Design 1st with a proof of concept prototype and ideas for the final design.

By working alongside our industrial designers and engineers, Krista and Lisa were able to explore several concepts for a final product that met their requirements.

"Creative exploration of manufacturable design concepts"
exploded view
"Blending electronics, materials and design"


After selecting a final design concept, the Toddler Monitor began phase 2 of product development: Detailed Engineering.

This phase involved flushing out the details, building the design in 3D CAD and selection of components that met design requirements.



Following the Detailed Engineering phase, the toddler monitor moved into Phase 3: Pre-production Testing.

We built several bench model device and app prototypes to validate the design, function and manufacturing assembly of the product.

"Realistic pre-production prototype"
"Finding the right manufacturing partner and process"


Once the pre-production testing was complete the Design 1st team worked alongside Krista and Lisa to select the right combination of suppliers and manufacturing partners.

The goal was to ensure quality and supply of units once they hit the market.

"We couldn't have accomplished what we have without the end-to-end services and guidance that Is provided by this team. We lucked out in finding a great partner!"
- Krista Teare, Co-Founder

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