Cloud9 Technologies


A disruptive VOIP system helping investment trading professionals work remotely.


The Challenge

Develop a mission critical communications smart keyboard that connects with Cloud9’s platform for voice enabled trading.

The Solution

A compact, cloud-enabled desktop communication device, providing absolute confidence to the user through the ease of use.

Video: Cloud9 voice trading platform in action.


Tough Design Challenges

Intuitive keys to give user confidence, combined with ease of use and the need for real-time VOIP audio.


Competitive Advantage

User-friendly design enabling instant connectivity for fast-paced, high-risk financial trading.


Electronics Integration

A creative blend of physical design, electronics, and software, was developed through extensive user testing.


Supplier Selection

Identify a contract manufacturer that would accelerate the product process and maintain product quality.


Concept design prototype rendering



With deep expertise in keyboard and telephone products, Design 1st was able to take the client's vision and develop the concept of a physical keyboard with touchscreens which will integrate with cloud-based software.

The end result will save 50% in communication costs by eliminating current expensive and aging hardware.

"Using past telecom experience to design client vision."
exploded view

Benchmodel build of electronics for testing design concepts

"Mechanical and software engineering teams working together."


Design 1st ensured the new design was in line with market targets, future-proofed the product firmware coding with the cloud managed control, and managed the hardware costs during the engineering phase.

This was followed by the build of a complete virtual model in 3D CAD where every component, material and part was detailed.


Pre-production prototype parts for user testing trials



Following the Detailed Engineering phase, the Cloud9 smart keypad moved into Phase 3: Pre-production Testing.

We built several bench model devices to validate the design, function and manufacturing assembly of the product.

"Functional prototype for real world testing."

Final product

"Finding the right production partners and process."


Choosing the right manufacturing process and supply partners is critical to for smooth volume production.

Design 1st worked with the Cloud9 team to source high-quality partners and build a custom global supply chain.

"The Design 1st team helped us navigate through the entire product development process from concept through to manufacturing. "
- Gerald Starr, Founder and CEO - ‎Cloud9 Technologies, LLC

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