Caframo: Taku Hatch Fan


Award-winning boat hatch fan removes stale cabin air in 30 seconds.

The Challenge

Design a powerful easy-to-install boat fan to exhaust hot cabin air in under 30 seconds.

The Solution

Use 3D modeling tools to simulate airflow and bench model testing to perfect design.

Caframo Taku Hatch Fan - Winner of 2013 Pittman Sail Innovation Award


Design Challenges

Ensure fan was easy-to-install and accommodates a variety of hatch hinges on boats.


Rapid Turnaround

Move the hatch fan product development from concept through to production in under six months.


Power Optimization:

The 12 Volt fan draws only 4 amps of power in turbo setting and 1 amp in lower speeds.


Air Flow Design:

Optimize hatch fan blade design for optimal air push, power efficiency and noise reduction.

3D modeling of hatch fan concept prior to FEA flow analysis

Benchmodel testing of fan design to optimize air flow and power draw

Pre-production prototype parts of boat fan for testing

First volume production unit of Taku Hatch fan in use

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