Fantasy Scoreboard®


Wall mounted NHL scoreboard that streams live game data.

The Challenge

Redesign entire product to lower cost and address design deficiencies without impacting the momentum of go-to-market activities.

The Solution

Full redesign of user experience, components, and physical design creating a 50% cost reduction ready for production in 5 months.



Tough Design Challenges

Complete redesign of IoT system architecture to enhance user experience and lower costs within the short timeframe.


Rapid Turnaround

Deliver complete redesign of the product, ready for volume manufacturing in 5 months - half the typical industry turnaround time.


Product Cost Reduction

Rely on IoT experience to develop new architecture and design, reducing product cost by over 50% and deliver on-time.


Manufacturing Support

Help with the selection and setup of manufacturing facility for quality volume production of scoreboard.



The Fantasy Scoreboard co-founders came to Design 1st with a product prototype that had critical deficiencies resulting in increased costs and project delays.

By working with Design 1st, the project was quickly brought back on track, managing the hardware costs, and increasing the user experience and functionality.   

"Creative exploration of cost reducing redesign"
exploded view
"Blending electronics, materials and design"


Design 1st ensured the new design was in line with market targets, future-proofed the product firmware coding with the cloud managed control, and managed the hardware costs during the engineering phase.

This was followed by the build of a complete virtual model in 3D CAD where every component, material and part was detailed.



Design 1st recognized the significance of this project for Fantasy Scoreboard and ran activities in parallel -  trimming out low-risk approval steps and using their supplier network to smooth out production setup.

This was followed by several virtual and physical pre-production prototypes for testing with users in a variety of scenarios. After some final tweaks to the mobile app the scoreboard was ready for volume manufacturing - just in time for the NHL playoffs.


"Realistic pre-production prototype"
"Finding the right manufacturing partner and process"


Fantasy Scoreboard was new to manufacturing and cautious due to issues arising from their first product development attempt.

To alleviate this fear, Design 1st invited the Fantasy Scoreboards team to China to participate in the quality inspection and assembly training inside the manufacturing facility. This was followed by the first volume production run and distribution to new customers.

"After a costly false-start with another design company, we came to Design 1st and they quickly got us back on track."
- Will Nault, Inventor and Co-Founder of Fantasy Scoreboards

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