J2 Light


Next generation of high-bay commercial LED lighting.

Video: J2 Lights CEO Jeff Hayman

The Challenge

Develop a next generation, easy-to-install commercial LED lighting solution that delivers same output as traditional fluorescent lights.

The Solution

Conduct early-stage thermal and lighting simulations and prototypes to determine the optimal light solutions to move forward.


Full regulatory compliance


Smart energy efficient lighting



Tough Design Challenges

Maintain 100% light uniformity on warehouse floor without casting shadows.


Virtual Simulations

Use of specialized rendering tools to design and simulate lighting environment.


Ease-of-use design

Develop a novel installation and maintenance method to enhance usability.


Competitive Advantage

Allow J2 Lights to maintain innovation and leadership in the commercial lighting industry.





J2 Lights sought out Design 1st to work as an extended arm of their internal development team. The goal of the engagement was to redevelop their existing product line to remain innovative and relevant in their industry.

Using existing customer feedback, cutting-edge technology and the industry knowledge of J2Light several unique design concepts were created. These concepts integrated LED lighting technology into an easy-to-install and maintain design.

"Act as extension to internal J2 Light team”
“Virtual simulation and test of several design concepts”


Virtual 3D modeling of all 3 design concepts to facilitate simulation. The goal was to maintain the optical pattern uniformity on the floor while minimizing the amount and power of LED lights used.

This was accomplished by the full detailed virtual build and test of design concepts followed by thermal and FEA analysis on each.



Following the testing and selection of the optimal design concept the team moved into pre-production testing. This involved the creation of several functional prototype units that were put through a series of usability, thermal and reliability tests.

The result was a quantitative summary of the new LED lights performance, installation, and maintenance. This was followed by a small pre-production manufacturing run where lights were placed in a warehouse for further testing and feedback.

"Build of fully functional pre-production units"
"Setup manufacturing for J2 Lights existing process"


Working within the existing manufacturing process of J2 Lights, the Design 1st team helped transition the new high-bay LED light system from development to production. This activity involved several quality control and assurance procedures to maintain manufacturing quality.
The end result was a blueprint for volume manufacturing of an innovative, industry-leading LED lighting solution.

"The Design 1st functions as an extended arm of J2 Lights, allowing us to maintain our position as an innovative leader in commercial LED lighting solutions. "
- Jeff Hayman, Founder and President, J2 Lights

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